A Revolution in Finance and Investment

Kwip is a mobile platform that provides convenience in managing investments in Financial Securities and items traded on these markets, stocks, shares or Bonds. The application supports you to track,  trade, report – manage and provide you information regarding a particular security.

The Application has allow you to perform a series of other tasks that provides you with an insight to the world of Financial Securities and Finance. We are working with our partners to evolve the applications to even a better platform for trading.

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  • Sign up and create a trading account

  • Access information and business news

  • Trade {Buy and sell} shares

  • See your portfolio grow in your profile

  • Access your money on mobile or bank

  • Trade on different currency and from anywhere in the world

  • Convenience in your pocket

Why the Kwip App

Kwip aims to facilitate economic development, support individuals and entities invest in financial securities and expose the benefits of financial markets to all stakeholders while exercising transparency, accountability, security, confidentiality to the extent of the law of your transaction and information.
Engaging more people and entities to trade, list and explore the advantages of participating in the financial markets.


Economic and Social development Facilitation

Efficiency driven and Innovative Products

Efficiency driven and Innovative Products

Efficiency driven and Innovative Products

Community Empowerment & Development

Diversity & Compliance

Diversity & Compliance

Diversity & Compliance

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